Proctor and three other members of Chittagong university proctorial body resigns

Proctor and three other members of the proctorial body resigned protesting misbehave from some members of the Chatra league the political wing of the ruling party.

General Secretary of the university Chatra league said it was nothing but misunderstanding.

Yesterday some students met the proctorial body at the proctor office demanding withdrawal of a case against them. That case is on the allegation of illegal possession of arms which was filed after internal fighting of this student organization. The members (proctorial body) refused to talk with the media. Vice chancellor Anwarul Ajim is visiting Dhaka; he said he will take necessary steps after returning the campus; the official sources didn’t confirm their resignation.

Before the last parliament election all the political parties including the major two parties AL and BNP promised not to run student or labor wing of the party. But after the election they are failing to keep their promise. Student politics are blamed by many educationalists as a major reason of chaos in educational institutions.

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