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Questionable conduct: Is the Election Commission sleeping?

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As much as the Election Commission is enthusiastic about bringing in foreign observers, it is equally inactive in forcing political parties and candidates to follow the electoral code of conduct. Despite this being pointed out by the news media, their stance in this regard is not only questionable but also unacceptable.

According to the election schedule of January 7, the campaign of candidates and parties is to start from December 18. But, even before this, some potential candidates of Awami League have started a campaign for themselves and their party in the name of purchasing nomination papers. Some people also took out a procession with placards, urging them to vote for Awami League nominated candidates in their symbol boat. Many people came in large processions and with motorcycles.

But the Election Commission does not consider asking for votes before the scheduled time of campaign as a violation of the code of conduct. His argument is that this did not happen in front of the Returning Officer’s office. The code of conduct announced for national elections applies not only to the candidates but also to the political parties. It said, no registered party or its nominated candidate or any other person on their behalf can start the election campaign three weeks before the scheduled date of election.

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