RAJUK channel boundary “violating HC order”: realtors

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Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakhya (RAJUK) is pensive in daring activities in a name of land-recovery drive, even in negligence of High Court orders, realtors said.

“An overenthusiastic senior manager justice of RAJUK” has led a expostulate to explode a signboards of Bashundhara Riverview plan located upon a hinterland of a collateral city, notwithstanding a actuality that a High Court dais in 2007 destined a authorities not to emanate any interruption to a you do of a housing project, association officials said.

“Shahidul Alam Bhuiyan, a RAJUK magistrate, did not compensate mind to a officials of a plan when they came with a HC sequence for interlude a dispersion drive,” pronounced a single of them.

During a drive, he, however, refereed to an additional High Court outcome in this regard. But he unsuccessful to uncover any duplicate of any such outcome as asked by a plan officials.

He could conjunction furnish any specific gauge since in a pronounced ultimate HC outcome nor could give any idea as to either a ultimate outcome cancelled a prior High Court verdict.

“Such activities of RAJUK have been zero yet excesses in an try to fall short a country’s sepulchral in isolation housing sector. In you do so, they don’t even brave to omit justice orders,” pronounced a single real-estate official.

RAJUK along with a little “so-called” in isolation environmental organizations have been right away bustling “hatching conspiracy” to fall short a country’s intensity housing sector, raising ‘false’ as great as ‘fabricated’ allegations opposite a in isolation housing projects, pronounced a protestors.

There is no denying that this zone is personification a main purpose not usually in multiplying a in isolation housing attention yet additionally contributing to a need of fast urbanization routine in a country.

The supervision not long ago adopted a Detailed Area Plan (DAP) for a collateral city yet it was eventually scrapped in a arise of criticism by a little environmentalists. The DAP was scrapped as partial of a “blueprint” to fall short a country’s in isolation housing sector.

Meanwhile, a internal people have voiced their complete agonise over a dismantling of a billboards of Bashundhara Riverview plan as they hold that a complete area, once well known as a backwater area, has been grown fast with a investiture of commercial operation firms, shops as great as markets, that has combined pursuit event for a impoverished youths.

“RAJUK can usually fall short any such a great initiative, yet it is utterly incompetent to commence such a plan that could fool around a poignant purpose in a altogether growth of a locality,’’ they said.

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