Reigning the heat while boosting timeless appeal

Reigning the heat while boosting timeless appeal

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Sabato di Sarno, hired by Kering to revitalize its prized Gucci brand, needs to turn up the heat with a new direction, analysts say — a delicate task, with executives also stressing the label’s timeless appeal Is.

Dee Sarno, a senior fashion designer at Valentino, has been tasked as creative director with reviving the fortunes of the brand responsible for two-thirds of Kering’s profits in 2021.

The classics were emphasized by executives at the company’s investor presentation last year, and Gucci has recently revived its bamboo-handled Modal handbag from 1947, as well as its over-the-shoulder Jackie bag from 1961 .

But analysts say De Serno will also have to generate buzz with hot new styles — a strategy that has traditionally served the brand well, compared to the path taken by some rivals that focus on signature classics, exclusives, and more. formally focus on handbags more strongly.

“The future of Gucci is not to become another (Louis) Vuitton, Chanel or Hermes, but to nurture its fashion content to drive customers back to the brand,” said Antoine Belge, analyst at Axon BNP Paribas.

Kering declined to comment on its strategy for the brand.

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