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Rising prices of daily essential commodities: TCB’s initiative to provide relief to low-income people in Dhaka

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This initiative of TCB is good in the context of rising prices of daily necessities in the market. But the question is that the products sold in TCB trucks at 30 places in Dhaka city with a population of 1.5 crore people are very negligible in comparison to the demand. TCB Chairman Ariful Hasan said that through this program, more than 200,000 people along with 1.3 million cardholder families in Dhaka will get subsidized products.

TCB products are being sold in trucks only in Dhaka. In that case, poor and low-income people outside Dhaka will be deprived of this benefit. There is no reason to think that all people living outside Dhaka are economically well off. As a result, it is necessary to start selling TCB products through trucks throughout the country. Where it is not possible to sell products through trucks, arrangements should be made to sell products through alternative methods.

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