Government's crackdown on opposition politics: BNP alleges vote robbery Utsav scheme, claims Rizvi

Rizvi: Fall of AL government will be celebrated on January 7, BNP leader calls for strong movement

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The BNP leader said that hundreds of crores of taka will be wasted from the state treasury in the name of elections on January 7: “This will be done in the most perfect deception by deceiving the people of the country. The list prepared by Ganobhaban will be read on the election night.

He said that elections have now become a joke, farce and a means of business as the people have been snatched away the power to choose their representatives.

The BNP leader said that by distributing seats, people’s representatives are being made with the compassion, gifts and kindness of Sheikh Hasina.

Rizvi alleged that political leaders are being lured into the King’s Party and lesser-known parties by luring them with cash and promises of making them MPs through state intelligence agencies. “But they cannot convince principled, idealistic and patriotic politicians.”

He said that even after the announcement of the election programme, there is no festive atmosphere but a frightening situation in the entire country. “Except those associated with the Awami League, others are now fleeing for fear of arrest, while many villages have become manless.” They (Awami League) have already started killing over party nomination.

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