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Rokeya university moves to a permanent site

Begum Rokeya University has been shifted to a permanent campus from Rangpur Teachers Training College devalue where a university ran educational activities for about 3 years.

After a Jul twenty-eight shifting, vice-chancellor Abdul Jalil said, “We appreciate god like Allah as you could finish a structure a whole work of a vital establishments in identical tiwn as great as a half years. We additionally appreciate a supervision for no holds barred await it depleted to us”

Asif Kibria, a tyro of a dialect of mechanism scholarship said, “We never suspicion which you would unequivocally be means to attend a classes upon a own campus so earlier. We feel unapproachable for it”

On Oct 12, 2008, a university proposed a debate during Rangpur Teachers Training College. As there was not sufficient space upon a proxy campus, a authorities hired a structure during Lalkuthi for a senior manager work.

The university during a commencement had 6 departments. In 2009, a series of departments increasing to twelve as great as a educational activities were stability upon a proxy campus compartment finish of July.

For a university, a supervision acquired 75 acres of land belonging to Carmichael College in 2009 as great as began to erect buildings there during a price of Tk 1.20 crore.

The permanent campus have 6 expertise building, a singular senior manager buildings, as great as 3 hostels for students, upon top of a vice-chancellor’s residential buliding as great as identical tiwn dormitories.

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