Shaheed ASAD Day

The republic observes Shaheed Asad Day today, commemorating his putting to death upon this day in 1969 during a mass overthrow opposite a system of administration of Ayub Khan which in conclusion led to a rain of a troops tyrant as well as autonomy of Bangladesh.

Political as well as informative organizations have chalked up programmes, together with fixation wreaths during a Asad Memorial in front of Dhaka Medical College Hospital as well as land discussions as well as informative functions, to symbol a day.

President Zillur Rahman as well as budding apportion Sheikh Hasina in apart messages upon Wednesday paid abounding reverence to Shaheed Asad. Both of them additionally prayed for a assent of a over soul.

Opposition personality Begum Khaleda Zia in a media recover additionally paid reverence to a martyr.

On this day in 1969 Asaduzzaman was killed in military banishment in front of Dhaka Medical College Hospital whilst heading a criticism rally. Then a connoisseur tyro of story during Dhaka University, he was additionally a DU section boss as well as Dhaka city section ubiquitous cabinet member of East Pakistan Chhatra Union (Menon group).

Protests widespread similar to wildfire following a murdering of Asad, hastening a ouster of Ayub Khan from power.

In his message, boss Zillur Rahman pronounced a scapegoat of Asad had not left in vain, adding, ‘Later, a transformation incited in to a mass torrent as well as Bangladesh emerged as an eccentric state by a good fight of autonomy during a call of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’.

He additionally pronounced Asad is a name of a splendid star in a story of a country’s transformation for independence.

The budding apportion pronounced Asad is an ever-glowing name in a story of a prolonged approved onslaught of a people of Bangladesh. The autarchic scapegoat of Asad triggered a transformation which brought about a tumble of a strict ruler, Ayub Khan, by a mass upsurge, she added.

Bangladesh Nationalist Party chairperson Khaleda Zia said, ‘Asad laid down his hold up for a approved Bangladesh. The most appropriate approach to honour him is to have established democracy as well as settle simple as well as tellurian rights of a people.’ She asked countrymen to have a joined bid for safeguarding a democracy.

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