Sleeping pill and cough syrup are being used by addicts

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sleepParents, guardians and law enforcing agencies are cautious on drug addiction among the young. So collecting drugs like yaba and others are little difficult than before.  So many teenagers are now relying on other legal drugs like sleeping pill and cough syrup. Many teenagers are taking these without prescription by registered doctor. They are becoming addict due to continuous and excessive use. Many are taking these drugs with energy drinks which are very harmful for health.

Many rehab centers are getting addicts who are simply addicted to sleeping pills. No one suspect when one takes pill or cough syrup in front of him or her.

They are doing this after being rejected by their girlfriend or boyfriend. Many are doing this because of disappointment due to failure in exam or other things.

Excessive consumption of sleeping pill and cough syrup may cause cancer, respiratory organ complications, digestive problem, etc. Experts are arguing for more opportunities for sports, recreation and cultural activities to the young. Pharmacies should also be barred from selling these drugs without prescription.

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