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Stalkers kill young man in Munshiganj

A young man was beaten critically injured by local hooligans in the Doyahata village in Sreenagar of Munshiganj by the stalker, death, and his brother on Saturday evening to protest at harassment of her cousin, a student.

The deceased was identified as Akter Hossain, 35, Dhelbhog of Doyahata village. Akter’s younger brother Sagar Hossain, 30, he fought for his life in Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Police arrested two people, including suspect murder. You have been identified as Saleh Ahmed and Mohammad Ripon.

Police and the family of the late said that Regal Ahmed, a local youth and cohort Sreenagar Juba Dal used unit President Sayem, the girl on the way to school and home style.

The victim’s uncle Iqbal Mahmood said that a gang of bog hoodlums Akter Hossain and Sagar Hossain with deadly weapons at Dhelbhog had attacked on Saturday night if they were the local union Parishad Chairman submit to meet complaints against Regal and Sayem.

Police and local Akter and Sagar found in a critical condition, said local.

Akter died on the way of the Mitford hospital while Sagar undergoes treatment at the DMCH, was announced by the police.

Iqbal Mahmood claimed, Sayem and his cohorts angry after hearing had become, that the family of the girl had made a general diary with the police about the stalking.

Sagar Hossain, a trader in plastic utensils in the old town of Dhaka, said, after that Juba Dal Guide, the Sayem had hit them with deadly weapons they called for the punishment of the stalker.

The girl, student of the class X to Sreenagar pilot high school, said that Regal had constantly harassed them on the way to school and at home.

Her uncle Abdur Rahim said that shelf was attacked on Tuesday to protest in pursuit of the girl’s brother SONET Ahmed.

Iqbal Mahmod also claimed that the police refused, close links have a case against Regal and Sayem as with the police.

Sreenagar police officer responsible for Mizanur Rahman, but claimed that the girls first had attacked Regal and his friends cousins, though they had assured the police take legal action against the stalker.

He claimed that Akter and Sagar, lives in Dhaka, came to Munshiganj and ‘To shelf a good lesson teach some people’ for her sister harassing set.

‘Regal just asked the girl why she boasted so much by her beauty,’ the OC said in an apparent attempt to reduce the severity of the crime.

He said that the police accuse a murder case two accused in the DMCH rooms had arrested early Sunday after Akter of Uncle Abdur Rahim 18 kill Akter filed.

Akter, the body was taken, buried to their Imamganj residence in the old city on Sunday afternoon and Azimpur cemetery. He was an employee at the district Munshiganj.

On the 27th October 2010 ran over a motorcycle riding stalker killed and a woman to his harassing protest her two daughters in Madhukhali shortly in Faridpur.

On 12 October, a professor in Natore, Mizanur Rashid, was pulled down and killed by the stalker on the bike.

Persecution of women has a turn to the poor with a growing number of people killed for protest against crime.

Source: newagebd.com

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