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Stop Rajuk’s parkside plots

Residents of Uttara Sector No-13 yesterday demanded the supervision stop dispersal residential plots in the open space to one side the sole fool around ground in the neighbourhood.

At an “environmental rally” facilitated by Paribesh Bachao Andolan (Poba), they additionally demanded which the open place be trustworthy to the fool around ground for the extension, as it is the customarily place for women as good as immature kids as good as is removing some-more swarming everyday.

The inhabitants pronounced Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha (Rajuk) is starting to distribute residential plots in the open space, as good as if it does so, the sole place for the amicable party of the zone will be broken as good as the sourroundings of the complete area will be harmed.

In the petrify jungle, the fool around ground is the customarily respirating place in the sector, they said, adding which it is required to have parks as good as playgrounds for children’s earthy as good as mental expansion as good as for the comparison adults to exhale as good as travel there.

They additionally pronounced there used to be the embankment in the place which was after grown as the fool around ground deliberation the actuality which the city has an strident complaint of open space.

“Don’t fist the breath. Let us as good as the immature kids take exhale as good as live properly,” pronounced Salma Fouzia Nur, the proprietor of the sector.

Dr M Shahadat Ali, boss of Sector No-13 Welfare Society, pronounced conflicting the fool around ground is the stadium which is used by men. So the fool around ground is the customarily place where women can travel in the sunrise as good as dusk as good as kids can play, he said.

“We have to save this park, if necessary, by shedding the blood. We wish which open space to be trustworthy with the park,” he said.

Dr Fazlul Haque, ubiquitous cabinet member of the society, pronounced Uttara is the indication locale as good as you wish it so, not any petrify slum. “We have to mountain transformation to save the park.”

Poba authority Abu Naser Khan pronounced the city has mislaid most open spaces, playgrounds, as good as parks due to random urbanisation.

The rest of the open spaces should be kept open for all differently the city people would spin in to sore populace, he said, propelling all to experience in the transformation to save all parks in the country.

Residents of alternative sectors as good as students of conflicting schools participated in the rally.

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