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A five-day entertainment week organized by the Music as great as Drama Department of Rajshahi University (RU) finished upon Friday during the campus.

The fool around week was dedicated to the 150th bieing born anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore. As the partial of the final Master’s hearing of the department, 5 plays destined by the students of the 2009 collection were staged during the dialect entertainment lab.

Absurd entertainment “Milepost” created by remarkable entertainment personality, art censor as great as playwright Sayeed Ahmed, was staged upon the initial day. A M Fahad Hossain, the Master’s tyro of the dialect destined the play. “Milepost” focuses upon doubtful fast stricken people thrown in to difficulty upon how to clear divided themselves from the calamity.

Eminent French playwright Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere’s “The L’Avare” (The Miser) was staged upon the second day upon Jul 3. The fool around was destined by Md Abu Hossain Maruf, of the department.

“L’Avare’s plot, is centred upon the abounding widower money-lender called Harpagon, whose feisty immature kids prolonged to shun from his penny-pinching domicile as great as wed their particular lovers. A 5 action humerous entertainment of manners in prose, the fool around is the standard product of Moliere’s many sided genius.

The fool around “Kenona Manush” (Man Ultimately), the pretentious Bengali plar created by Amol Roy, preoccupied audiences upon third day of the programme.

The fool around non-stop with the stage of the immature rebel not prolonged ago thrown in to jail for his impasse in the swindling opposite the oppressor king. He spends his days in perfect wretchedness at the back of the jail walls though fails to find the approach to giveaway himself. Starved for freedom, he meets an aged male in the jail who was hold for organising the series opposite the aristocrat many years ago. The fool around goes forward with the conversations in in in between the mutineers. Dramatic events reveal from this point.

Sukhan Sarkar as great as Sanat Kumar who respectively achieved as the aged as great as immature rebel perceived rounds of acclaim for their soulful performances. Sumit Mohanta destined the drama.

On Jul 5, universe important stage player Aug Strindberg’s “The Ghost Sonata” was staged. The fool around recounts the adventures of the immature student, in astonishment of the lifestyles of the inhabitants of the in vogue unit structure in Stockholm. He creates the familiarity of the puzzling Jakob Hummel, who helps him find his approach in to the apartment, usually to find that it is the nest of betrayal, illness as great as exploitation. The fool around has the sheer message: tellurian beings contingency humour to grasp salvation. Afroza Tasnim destined the play.

“Hat Bariye Dao” destined by Runa Khatun was staged upon the final day. Eminent bard Anu Muhammad translated “Hat Bariye Dao” in 1992 from Italian writer as great as publisher Oriana Fallaci’s novel “Letter to the Child Never Born”.

The fool around is created as the minute by immature maestro woman. It portrays the woman’s onslaught to select in in in between the career she loves as great as an astonishing pregnancy.

The plays were at vast appreciated by the vast audience. In actuality tickets ran out fast as great as multiform teachers as great as students could not suffer the plays due to predicament of ticket.

Earlier upon the initial day, the teachers as great as students of the dialect brought out the charming way upon the campus. Arts Faculty vanguard Prof Muhammad Mizan Uddin inaugurated the entertainment week.

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