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Groundwater detriment puts city during risk

Dhaka is falling over half an in. a year upon normal given of impassioned descent of groundwater as well as unsound recharging of a opening it creates next a surface, found a ultimate study. Prof Syed Humayun Akhter, a geology clergyman during Dhaka University, conducted a investigate by analysing interpretation from tellurian positioning complement (GPS) […]

Mineral capillary deposited by H2O found upon Mars

Nasa’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity has found splendid veins of a mineral, assumingly gypsum, deposited by water. Analysis of a capillary will assistance urge bargain of a story of soppy environments upon Mars, Nasa pronounced in a headlines expelled Wednesday. “This tells a slam-dunk story which H2O flowed by subterraneous fractures in a rock,” pronounced […]

Power import uncertain

Importing 250 megawatts of appetite from India from late subsequent year stays capricious as Delhi is not responding to Dhaka’s ask for a lowest probable appetite tariff. India is charity a appetite price tag of Tk 6-8 per kilowatt hour or a unit, whilst Bangladesh is looking a price reduction than Tk 5.25 per unit. […]

Signs of issuing H2O upon Mars

Striking ultimate images from a plateau of Mars might be a many appropriate justification nonetheless of flowing, glass water, an required partial for life. The findings, reported yesterday in a biography Science, come from a corner US-Swiss study. A method of images from a Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows many long, dim “tendrils” a couple of […]

Drinking H2O prior to dishes good

Now, try a elementary pretence – splash a potion or dual of H2O prior to meals, as that’s a many appropriate approach to quell ardour as good as strew those pounds – says a latest research. Scientists have reported that usually dual 8-ounce eyeglasses of H2O taken prior to meals, can lead to weight loss. […]

Moon’s interior H2O casts disbelief upon agreement theory

An investigate of sediments brought behind by a Apollo seventeen goal has shown which a Moon’s interior binds distant some-more H2O than formerly thought. The analysis, reported in Science, has looked during pockets of volcanic element sealed inside of tiny potion beads. It found 100 times some-more H2O in a beads than has been totalled […]