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Tales of drug drug dependant children

When his step mom deserted him scarcely dual years ago Abdur Rahim found a latest home during Kamalapur railway station.

It was not prolonged prior to a 12-year-old child began to take drug similar to a alternative kids he met upon a street.

“First you used to fume bidis or cigarettes. Then you proposed receiving drugs,” pronounced Rashid, who is right away being treated with colour with colour for drug obsession during APON, a centre for reconstruction of drug addicts in collateral Dhaka.

Rahim told a convention in Police Telecom Bhavan in Dhaka yesterday about his obsession as good as how he is being since a liberation therapy.

“I’m roughly marinated now…I’m right away normal,” a child told a convention organized by Retired Police Officers’ Welfare Association, Bangladesh.

With him was an one more boy, Alam who as good is being treated with colour with colour during a centre for drug addiction.

“I was introduced to opposite sorts of drug by alternative young kids upon a street,” pronounced Alam. He pronounced they took drug trimming from opiate to cannabis.

Police officials contend drug obsession is augmenting in between a travel young kids who live but a family, adore as good as care.

Up to seventeen percent of travel young kids in collateral Dhaka have been dependant to drugs, Abdul Jalil, one more government official of Dhaka Metropolitan Police told a seminar.

Though a little NGOs as good as amicable organisations have been operative for reconstruction of these children, a efforts have been distant from a need.

“Our youths have been generally during risk as Bangladesh is being used as a mezzanine of drugs,” pronounced Mohammad Salam, former one more Inspector General of Police (IGP).

Salam, additionally a former senior manager ubiquitous of dialect of Narcotic Control, pronounced which a series of drug-addicted young kids (8 to twelve years old) is around 14.5 percent in Bangladesh.

Inspector General of Police Hasan Mahmud Khandaker called for stronger anti-drug expostulate by law coercion agencies, analgesic carry out dialect as good as NGOs

He pronounced generally a young kids have to be stable from drug addiction.

“We have to figure this expostulate as a amicable transformation to save a young kids from receiving drug”, he added.

Khandaker Mohammd Ali, senior manager ubiquitous of Narcotic Control dialect pronounced which 70 to 80 percent drug addicts in Bangladesh have been elderly in between fifteen to 20.

These youths take drug due to unemployment, misery as good as frustration, inauspicious family environment, easy entrance to drugs, he added.

Dr M Enamul Huq, former IGP, presided over a seminar.

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