The crisis will deepen if the elections are not credible.

The crisis will deepen if the elections are not credible.

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From many signs it can be understood that the outlook of Joe Biden, who will come to power on 20 January 2021 after winning the election as the Democratic Party candidate in the 2020 US Presidential Elections, is not very favorable for the Bangladesh government. The theory envisions democracy as part of a global theory.

The government’s hostile behavior towards Professor Yunus since the reign of former US President Barack Obama was not acceptable to the then US administration. Former US Vice President Joe Biden is not going to forget this easily. Despite this, Bangladesh was invited by the US to join the Indo-Pacific strategy. Earlier, during the tenure of President Trump, Bangladesh was invited by the US government to join the US-led anti-China military alliance ‘Quad’, which Bangladesh did not accept. The Quad was a proposed military alliance of the United States, India, Japan, and Australia. But as soon as Bangladesh rejected the invitation to join the Indo-Pacific strategy, the United States took a directly anti-Bangladesh position.

Earlier, Bangladesh was not invited to two consecutive democracy conferences organized by US President Joe Biden. This made it clear that there is dissatisfaction in America regarding the elections to be held in Bangladesh on 30 December 2018. Four of the South Asian countries – India, Pakistan, Maldives and Nepal – were invited to that conference, but Bangladesh was excluded despite continuing the practice of voting politics. Then in December 2021, the US imposed a travel ban on seven former and current top officials of Bangladesh’s Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), dealing a major blow to Bangladesh’s image in the global arena.

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