Thunder stroke kills farmer

thunder strokeA farmer is killed by thunder stroke today. Another was injured in the same incident.

This accident took place in Sonadia of Hatia in Noakhali district. The farmers were working in their agricultural field while it was raining. Farid Uddin died on spot and his fellow Noor Uddin was injured.

Thunder is a natural phenomenon. It happens when potential difference between cloud and the ground becomes so high. At this time electric discharge happens, which is known as thunder stroke.

Casualty due to thunder stroke is not new in the country, but this type of incident has increased in recent years. Experts blame climate change for it. They also advise people to take some precautions. We had a tradition of keeping tall trees beside village houses. These tall trees absorb thunder stroke and save us. But that tradition is absent today.

Framers should avoid working in field when sky is cloudy and standing under tree is dangerous. If someone fails to go under shed they may sit in field. But standing is risky and one becomes more likely to stroke by thunder.

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