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Topless Veena Malik Debate


Pakistani actress Veena Malik is headline again. In fact she is a very controversial figure of Pakistan. Perhaps she likes it. She was criticized heavily when she appeared on the Indian reality show Bog Boss in 2010, she was also headline earlier this year when she challenged the views of Pakistani cleric on television.

But this time she is headline for her nude photos. She posed for the Indian version of men’s fashion magazine FHM. Question is how she posed. The cover photo says she was nude. But now she is saying that photo is digitally altered. There was some cloth on her. Though the editor she posed exactly as she is seen on the photo, he has video evidence also. Veena Malik says the picture she approved had some cloth on her.

She filed a case against the editor and the court has ordered to withdraw all copies from the market. The court has also ordered to pay her two million dollar.

Another side of the debate is, on the so called nude photo she had the initials of ISI (the Pakistani intelligence agency) on her arm. Many Pakistanis are alleging she deliberately tried to insult the ISI. Now a Pakistani court has rejected the allegation.

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