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Two new vessels for inland water transportation

A Bangladeshi shipyard Western Marine Shipyard will build two large water vessels for inland water transportation of the country. Each vessel will have the capacity to carry seven hundred and fifty passengers and will have speed of twelve nautical miles per hour. Twenty nine crore taka will be needed to build each vessel. The shipyard gets twenty one months to complete the work. Shipyard spokesman said they are hoping to complete the work within September next year. Present Prime Minister is eagerly waiting for a journey in this vessel.

Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation   (BIWTC) will operate the vessels.

Bangladesh was called land of rivers. River communication is economical and Bangladeshis prefer river journey.

But the scenario is changed due to various reasons. Building dams in the upstream by neighboring country, climate change and sedimentation have almost ruined the rivers. But the government has taken initiative to dredge rivers. Dredging of twelve rivers is going on and dredging of more twenty four rivers will be started soon.

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