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Vegetable of rise by 50pc since first Ramadan

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TAPOS Kanti das

Prices for different types of vegetables have increased by more than 50% in the retail markets of what it was on the first day of Ramadan.

Consumers on various food markets in the city said that the prices that suddenly again went with the advent of the month of Ramadan, began too much increase in the last four to five days.

Retailers at food markets in Rajarbagh, Basabo and Motijheel areas claimed that prices as monsoon rains by the impact was increased in the last few days and due to the shortfall in supply in the wholesale markets.

Consumers, however, claimed that the prices the wholesalers and retailers during the month of Ramadan each year with reference to various excuses to increase.

On Monday, green chili at TK sold 120 TK 150 a kilogram and tomatoes at TK-100 to TK-120 in the city Rajarbagh kitchen and general terms and conditions colony kitchen market.

The price was TK 70 to 80 a kg of TK and TK 75 to 80 per kg or on the first day of Ramadan.

Okra sold at TK-55 a kg of TK 25 a TK 60 kg to during Jhinga (GRAT pumpkin) TK TK 45-50 per kg, from TK – 10 to 15 TK a kg until was sold.

The TK-20 on the first day of Ramadan was price who went to TK 30, but was each pumpkin weighing about one kilogram.

Prices of Chichinga (snake gourd), bitter gourd, eggplant, papaya and cucumber were still high in the markets. Bitter gourd, Eggplant and cucumber sold TK 50 a kg was sold during Chichinga TK-35 TK-40 and papaya TK 20 per kg.

“The prize went up and up with the beginning of Ramadan, but it increased the most in the last few days,” said Fatema Begum, who market buys cooking common vegetables from Rajarbagh.

She said that the additional price for vegetables and other commodities would create pressure on the other issues of the family during the current month of Ramadan.

“It seems that the Government has no control over the market,” she said.

Green grocer Hamid Bapari AGB colony market, claimed however, that they had no hand in the price hike.

‘ We buy vegetables with higher rate of wholesale markets, and so we have to sell it at higher rates. It could rain, the impact of past in a few days ‘ he proposed.

After attending two kitchen markets on the first day of Ramadan, Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Trade Ministry, ABM Abul Qasem newsmen said, that the prices under control were and expected that it would remain in the month of Ramadan under control.

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