Violent student protest closes JNU.

Jangannath University is one of the oldest educational institutes of Dhaka. But it became a university only in 2005. At that time the Jagannath University act was passed in the parliament, which said the government will fund the new university only for five years. After that time the university must run on its own income. Those five years have passed. Now the government is urging the university authority to increase its income. But for any educational institute increase in income means increase in fees.

This has triggered angry protest by the students. It is alleged that student wing of the ruling party has been attacking the ordinary students. Yesterday the ordinary students clashed with the student wing of the ruling party, when some members of that wing attacked the ordinary students. Now the ordinary students are demanding resignation of the vice chancellor, for his alleged inaction.

After an emergency meeting of the syndicate the university authority declared Durga Puja vacation till 6th October, which was supposed to start from 4th October.

Ain o Salish Kendra, a human rights organization has criticized the police for filing cases against about 400 students, 15 of them are university correspondent of some national dailies.

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