Who are the new members of Trinamool BNP?

Who are the new members of Trinamool BNP?

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He also said that his party will field its candidates in all 300 constituencies, as they do not believe in the politics of violence.

General Secretary, Taimur Alam Khandkar said that Trinamool BNP would be a people’s party rather than a limited company. Every member of the party will be considered a leader and the party will contact the people at the grassroots level. It will be the Bangladesh version of the Trinamool Congress, the dominant Indian political party in West Bengal.

The top two leaders of Trinamool BNP were the central leaders of the real opposition BNP.

However, Shamsher Mubeen Chowdhury resigned from his post as BNP vice-president on 28 October 2015, while Taimur Alam Khondokar, a former advisor to BNP chief Begum Khaleda Zia, was expelled in January 2022.

He was elected as the leader of Trinamool BNP when the party convened its inaugural council on 19 September at the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh Auditorium in Dhaka. The party formed a partial 27-member committee through the council.

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