WiFi network debate on 3G service

3G3G license auction was like a formality when CityCell decided to withdraw themselves from 3G auction. BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) was expecting to sell 40MHz spectrum in the 3G auction. But 15MHz remained unsold. Only Grameen Phone bought 10MHz spectrum, but other three operators bought 5MHz each. BTRC officials are saying that it is not possible to ensure proper service with 5MHz frequency.

Why the operators are so confident that they are going to provide high speed data service? Perhaps the answer is WiFi. Earlier this year BTRC decided to allow the companies to use WiFi network, which is relatively cheaper.

The operators will use WiFi network along with 3G spectrum. In many countries the regulatory body imposes charge or restricts the WiFi network usage to ensure 3G spectrum usage. But phone companies are claiming that it is a common practice around the world to use WiFi network to offload additional data.

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