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You have to wait for Iftar, if you are on a skyscraper.

During the holy month of Ramadan Muslims are supposed to fast between dawn and dusk. They can break their fast after the sunset. A question was raised nearly thousand years ago that, is it applicable for the guards atop at a light house? Because they can see the sun even after the sunset at ground level. At that time a cleric said, guards have to wait and ensure that the sun in no longer visible on the horizon from there.

It is also applicable for those who are atop a mountain.

Why it will not be applicable for a skyscraper?

Clerics of Dubai are now saying residents of Burj Khalifa which is now tallest building in the world also have to fast longer than those at ground. Burj Khalifa is about 1km high (828 metres), so sun is visible from there even after the sunset at ground.

Dubai cleric, Mohammed al-Qubaisi said, people living above 80th floor should fast extra 2 minutes and people above 150th floor should fast extra 3 minutes.

This 160 storied skyscraper was opened in 2010.

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