‘Shift containing alkali warehouses from residential areas’

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A organisation of environmental activists yesterday voiced grave regard over a hostility of businesspersons to change warehouses of flamable chemicals from residential area in a capital.

Recalling a memories of a final year’s comfortless combustion during Nimtoli in Old Dhaka, they pronounced over a single hundred people were killed as good as multiform hundreds harmed in a Nimtali fire that had clever by a rarely combustible chemicals.

It is hapless that many businessmen did not change a depots of rarely combustible chemicals from a residential areas, together with from Old Dhaka as good as alternative collection of a city yet they were asked to change a warehouses by Sep thirty final year following a Nimtoli tragedy, they observed.

The environmentalists done a remarks during a tellurian sequence organized for imprinting a 1st anniversary of Nimtoli blaze. Poribesh Bachao Andolan (PBA) as good as Nagorbashi Sangathan mutually organized a eventuality during Nimtoli.

The discussants strongly criticised a government, as it did not take in effect punitive mutation conflicting those businesspersons who did not immigrate their containing alkali establishments.

Abu Naser Khan, authority of PBA, pronounced traffic of ‘banned’ chemicals as good as storing those have been starting upon in a residential areas, together with in Old Dhaka even a city dwellers witnessed a damaging fire in Nimtoli final year.

The environmental activists from a tellurian sequence demanded interlude storing, traffic as good as prolongation of chemicals in a residential area, formulating routine about storing, traffic as good as prolongation of chemicals as good as changeable of warehouses as good as factories of containing alkali from a residential area.Environmental workers Ansar Ali, Nazim Uddin, Atiq Morshed, Mozammel Haque Palash, between others, assimilated a human-chain.

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