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14 young Bangladeshi women are back

These young women were trafficked to India. They were promised to get highly paid job in India. Some women were sold to traffickers by their husband. Then they were forced in prostitution.

These women wanted good job for sake of their family. Some were desperate to get a good job for the treatment of their mother or father.

It was not possible to get a good job in Bangladesh and they thought it’s better to go India. Some even didn’t know that their job location will be in India.

The Indian police arrested them from brothel and imprisoned them. The women were in jail for two to five years.
Later an Indian organization helped them to come back to Bangladesh. They were handed over to Bangladeshi border guards by their Indian counterpart.

The rescued women will be sent to their families and if some are reluctant to meet with their family members they will be rehabilitated by vocational training.

Many women and children are trafficked to India illegally and forced to inhuman activities there. The Bangladeshi border guards have expressed their concern in many meeting with Indian border guards.

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