Bangladesh is calling for British Royal Navy ship to rescue around 500 floating Rohingyas

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Around five hundred Rohingyas were sent back by Malaysian Navy when they tried to enter Malaysian territory. Later those Rohingyas came back to Bay of Bengal and tried to enter Bangladesh. But they were also blocked by Bangladeshi Navy. Several human rights organization and some rich influential countries have been pressing Bangladesh to take those Rohingyas. But Bangladeshi authorities have insisted that Rohingyas are from Myanmar and it’s their responsibility to take back their citizens. As Rohingyas are facing ethnic cleansing Bangladesh have already sheltered more than 1.1 million Rohingyas.
Bangladesh has very limited resource to shelter such a huge number of refugees. Instead of pressing Myanmar international community has always asked Bangladesh to shelter Rohingyas. As if it is the sole responsibility of Bangladesh to shelter them. Earlier this month Bangladesh coast guard has rescued nearly four hundred Rohingyas from Bay of Bengal who were also trying to reach Malaysia illegally.
In a telephone conversation with Bangladeshi foreign minister, British Minister of State for the Commonwealth and the United Nations Lord Ahmad has requested to take the five hundred Rohingyas floating on Bay of Bengal. In reply Bangladeshi foreign minister has said, there are seven other countries in this region, Myanmar, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Humanitarian disaster created by Myanmar must not be the sole responsibility of Bangladesh in the world to shoulder it. Bangladeshi foreign minister also said, British government should also play their part. Britain can send one of their standby naval ship from the gulf to rescue these Rohingyas. These ships has the capacity to rescue and quarantine the Rohingyas floating on Bay of Bengal.

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