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Powerful earthquake like nuclear bomb in Australia

Two powerful earthquakes like nuclear bomb struck in Australia’s Queensland. The earthquake had 5.7 magnitudes and 5.2 magnitudes respectively. The earthquake struck at 1.38 am. According to Australia’s geology, both earthquakes total energy are equal to a nuclear bomb. The place of earthquake was 200 km from Brisbane. As the place was deserted, there were […]

Komen means precious stone

Cyclone “komen” hit Bangladesh and Myanmar. Thailand has named the storm. The term means precious stone. Many baby names komen in Thailand. Many male and female baby names Komen. Cyclone originated from Arab sea and Bay of Bengal named by Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lankar, Myanmar, Oman and Thailand.

Human Trafficking: Life of bought and sold

Millions of women, men and children are victims of trafficking throughout the world. They are being sold like a product. They have to engage in various labor and prostitution. Human trafficking is very profitable business. Human traffickers gain 15 billion dollars per year, according to the International Labor Office. Kami is a girl from the […]

Koheli in Pakistani jarsy

There is a turmoil in the virtual world that why Bhirat Koheli was in Pakistani jarsy? Indian Bhirat Kohely wore in the opposition’s jarsy! No he is not Bhirat Kohely. He is a Pakistan supporter likely to Bhirat Kohely. Pakistan media became interested to the “Koheli no-2”. Someone wants him as a presenter. Someone wants […]

Rajon murder: 1 more arrested

Ali Haydar, younger brother of arrested Muhit Alam has hidden .Last suspect of Rajon Murder is arrested with the help of local people, said the acting officer of Jalalabad Thana of Sylhet. Ali Haydar is the younger brother of other two suspect Muhit Alam and Kamrul Islam.

15 suicide/hour in India

The study by National Crime Records Bureau of previous one year said, 15 people committed suicide per hour in India. 1.31 people committed suicide in 2014.West Bengal is in the top. Income of 69.7% people who committed suicide is below 1 lack.1 is housewife among 6 people. People committed suicide in Moharastro is 16,307, in […]

2 more remanded over Rajon murder

A Sylhet court this afternoon placed two more suspects in the killing of Rajon on a seven-day remand. Metropolitan Magistrate Anwarul Haque passed the order the Detective Branch of police produced Noor Mia and Dulal Ahmed before the court with a 10-day remand prayer. Last night locals captured Noor Mia, who filed the beating of […]

All six newborns of same mother in Sylhet die in hours

All the six newborns of the same mother have died within a few hours of their birth in Sylhet. They died between 9pm on Tuesday and Wednesday dawn, Sylhet MAG Osmani  Medical College Hospital Deputy Director Abdus Salam said. The woman from Rajaganj Union of the district’s Kanaighat Upazila gave birth to the sextuplets without […]

Lailat-ul-Qadr – The night of Power

The night, the few hours between Maghrib to fajr, which is more valuable than a 1000 months, more valuable than 83 years and 4 months. In which a donation worth $1 on that night would be more valuable than donating $1 for every day for 30,000 days! The night in which the book of guidance […]

Extreme heat affected many country

There are too much heat in some countries of Asia and Europe.Many more country may be the sufferer of extreme heat, said FFP. UN started to prepare a directory to reduce health threat. WHO and WMO said ,the intense of heat will be increased and continued.It is for human created climate change. UN advised to […]

Branjelina”s break up rumor

Long tie affair of Angelina Joli and Brode Peter resulted into marriage. But after one year its turned into divorce. A Markin newspaper said they got married in 2014.Problems created at the beginning. They cant tolerate each other. Brode said “everything end”. But the newspaper also said they will declare divorce at December. But their […]

Mass extinguisher: Earth returns to 66 million year

Dinosaurs were extinguished 66 years ago in 5th “Mass Extinguishing” period. Now the 7th addition.running, scientists said. Scientists Princeon, Barkley, Stanford from Markin university published a journal “Science Advance”. They said the rate of extinguisher is more than 100 times compared to past which is relevant to the extinguisher of Dinosaur. They thought the earth […]

Newborn baby cried after declaring dead

A newborn baby cried after 2 hours of declaring it dead by the doctor. It was happened at Doctors clinic, a private clinic in Nilfamaree. It occurred for the negligence of the acting doctor. People of the area join together in a strike in front of the clinic. It was informed that,a woman ,wife of […]

Yummy Recipe of Chicken drumsticks

Chicken is the most common type of poultry in the world,and is prepared as food in a wide variety of ways, varying by region and culture. An all time favourite chicken preparation. Preparation time: 1hr Cooking time: 1 hr. + Marinating time Serves: 4 Ingredients : Tomato ketchup 4 tbsp Clear honey 2 tbsp Worcestershire […]

MTV VJ registration closes Wednesday

The VJ Search 2014 aims to ‘unearth the new faces of MTV Program Platform Bangladesh’ VJ Anya will join with the winner at the VJ of MTV Program Platform Bangladesh Mahmud Hossain Opu Video jockeys (VJ) aspiring to work in the upcoming MTV Program Platform Bangladesh Season 2 have less than 48 hours to register […]