EU debates trade sanctions worth 11 billion euros in new Russia sanctions

EU debates trade sanctions worth 11 billion euros in new Russia sanctions

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Rubber and asphalt will be added to the EU list of banned imports from Russia and the bloc will ban Russia Today’s Arabic service from its territory, according to people familiar with the confidential talks.

Further restrictions on EU exports to Russia were meant to stifle Moscow’s ability to produce weapons and equipment deployed against Ukraine.

The sources said they would cover steel and aluminum used in electronic circuits and components, thermal cameras, radios and heavy vehicles as well as construction and machinery to serve industrial and construction purposes.

He said the commission also proposed further sanctions on European joint ventures in Europe with Russia and Russian nationals sitting on the board.

The bloc aims to expand its measures against Russia and plug loopholes in existing sanctions, which include tighter controls on selling satellite data to China, which the sources said risked being passed on to Russia.

EU nations are also looking at additional reporting obligations to better track Russian assets in Europe as they seek ways to use those frozen under sanctions to finance Ukraine’s reconstruction from the war. Are.

The EU has so far frozen Russian central bank assets worth about 33.8 billion euros on its territory, with an estimated $300 billion frozen outside Russia, according to EU officials.

Addressing the same session of the European Parliament, the bloc’s top diplomat Josep Borrell said EU countries were to supply more weapons to Ukraine, where the United States and NATO said Russia had launched a new offensive. Have given.

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