Got cutthroat Bangladeshi dead body from Saudi desert

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To knows by news a young Bangladeshi has killed by cutting throat from 20 kilometers far distance of Al Jubail town on 31 January. The Saudian police got the dead body from there. The dead body was lying down on dessert. For this case, Police caught of victim’s roommate other Bangladeshi Abul & Johirul for asking.
Killed Anowar Hossein was the man of Manikganj district. He was a son of late Fotik Bepari. Anowar has 2 children. Last Tuesday he talked to his wife lastly. After that Anowar’s cell phone continuously switched off till now. The victim was a driver as a profession and he drives a vehicle in Saudi Arab.
Late Anowar Hossein’s elder brother Rozzob Ali member told, his younger brother Anowar Hossein bring out the vehicle from Al Jubail town. After that, he is disappeared. Last Tuesday Saudian police rescue the cutthroat dead body from the desert at noon.
Known to the victim’s family reference, Mr. Anowar Hossen promise to come homeland on 6th February. But the promise now remains dreams to his family.

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