Impact of social media on democracy

Impact of social media on democracy

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Faisal explained how people from different communities in India are being threatened and instigated against other groups through social media. Moving forward, he stressed on increasing the integrity and transparency of social media.

According to Rezwan Islam, communications and outreach coordinator at Engage Media, the roles of individual users, fact-checkers, journalists and others will be critical to safeguarding democracy. He also pointed to the role of social media influencers in making things viral which can be both positive and negative. In his opinion, the quality of journalism has declined and people are not aware enough to identify disinformation.

During the interactive session, issues like controlling expression of views through social media, data localisation, trolling through social media, releasing information on the dark web, filtering Eastern and Western propaganda etc. were discussed. Journalists, diplomats, academics, students and others attended the event.

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