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International Dhol Concert during Alliance Francaise

The beats of dhol (Bangladeshi percussion) preoccupied strain enthusiasts of a pier city here final Sunday evening.

Dhol artistes from Bangladesh, India as good as Sri Lanka played indigenous, South Asian, Latin American as good as African rhythms as good as beats upon dhol which regaled a audience.

The unison was hold during a assembly house of Alliance Française de Chittagong.

To acquire a New Year with music, Bangladesh Institute of Theatre Arts (BITA), in organisation with Alliance Française de Chittagong, organized a event, patrician ‘International Dhol Concert-2012′.

This uncover was a result of a five-day informal dhol seminar organized by BITA as good as conducted by Babul Jaladas of Bangladesh, Ashok Kumar of India as good as Jithendra Vishvabandhu of Sri Lanka.

At a commencement of a programme, BITA senior manager physique president, Professor Abul Mansur, welcomed a audience.

Recalling a poignant grant of Ekusey Award winning dhol artist Binoy Banshi, Professor Mansur pronounced which it was probable to defend a enlightenment of a republic by emphasising a purpose of dhol in normal music.

Samuel Berthet, senior manager of Alliance Française de Chittagong, addressed a assembly as arch guest, whilst BITA arch senior manager senior manager Shishir Datta was in a chair.

Terming ‘dhol’ as a normal instrument, Berthet pronounced which a approval dates behind to a 15th century. This pitch of joy, feat as good as frolic was during large used in a subcontinent with informal variations, he added.

The second event of a programme proposed with a opening by Jithendra Vishvabandhu from Sri Lanka, accompanied by 4 drummers of Bangladesh. His deft fingers upon a dhol combined a overwhelm in a assembly house as a mesmerised assembly listened to a beats.

Later, Abhijit Acharjee played dhol to a balance of a dotara, a stringed folk instrument played by Pradip Biswas from Khulna.

Ashok Kumar of India introduced a dhol players in a intervals in in in in in between a performances as good as quickly described a character of rhythms. Babul Jaladas played a shanai, accompanied by a beats of dhol by Harilal Das as good as Krisna Mohan Jaladas.

Following a opening an well-developed combination was achieved by Ashok Kumar, Jithendra as good as Babul.

Later, most Latin American, African as good as informal rhythms in delayed as good as quick beats were played in a combination which stole a show.

The unison resolved with “Sound of Wind as good as Rain”, a glorious composition. Directed by Ashok, this combination evoked a atmosphere of a stormy day, following a organisation opening declared “Kaharba” by all dhol players.

The opening by Swapna Moulick, a solitary womanlike instrumentalist from Khulna, perceived most acclaim.

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