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Nuclear power plant debate

If you go to surgery specialist he or she is very likely to advise you for operation. But if you go to a medicine specialist he or she will consider many thinks. At first the doctor will consider whether you are fit for surgery.

Perhaps this example is true for many thinks. If you go to a physicist he will say only nuclear power is the solution for our energy crisis.

On the other hand an environmentalist will say nuclear power  can’t be a solution.
We common people are often confused what should be the right decision. It’s true that we are not decision maker. But as a responsible citizen we should have a stand.

Nuclear power is the cleanest power source to date. Nuclear power plant was supposed to be established in Ruppur of Pabna district before our liberation war in 1971.

Now Pakistan has nuclear power station and nuclear arsenal but Bangladesh don’t. Finally the Bangladesh government has decided to go for nuclear power. Though they have a strict decision that, the project will be for entirely peaceful purposes.

But now some environmentalists are opposing this project, they are saying that Bangladesh is a densely populated country so a meltdown will be a disaster for us. They are arguing that even Germans have abandoned nuclear projects in spite of have advanced technologies. Bangladesh Paribesh Andolon (Bangladesh Environmental Movement) activists reiterated their demand from a round table meeting yesterday.

The authority is saying that they will use state of the art technology and there is opposite example also, France has decided to go for more nuclear power plants in near future.

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