One mental patient kills another

mental hospitalJainal Abedin of forty five was admitted to Pabna Mental Hospital on 12th January this year for his mental illness. He was killed by Asharaful Islam another psychiatric patient of the hospital yesterday.

Different sources of the hospital said there was mild altercation between those two patients before the incident. But no one is sure exactly why Ashraful killed Jainal. Pocile has taken the dead body to the hospital. After a long interrogation by police and hospital authority Ashraful admitted that he has murdered Jainal.

Hospital authority has taken Ashraful to a safe custody and formed a committee to investigate the matter. On condition of anonymity some sources have said that deceased Jainal was used to force Ashraful to take medication and that may have caused anger in Asharaful’s mind.

Ashraful killed Jainal by suffocating using a muffler and he inserted broken toilet cleaning brush into Jainal’s mouth, when Jainal went to bathroom.

Pabna Mental Hospital was established in 1957 and it is the largest specialized hospital for psychiatric patients in Bangladesh. Patients from all over the country are admitted there for better treatment.

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