Painless injection is available here

injectionInjection is a nightmare for many people, especially children. The pain due to injection is not immense but enough to panic children. Painless injection brings the solution.

This painless injection may be used for intra muscular, dermal and subcutaneous applications. But for intravenous injection we have to rely on traditional needle syringe method. Medicine is delivered as high speed jet. Compressed gas generates required high pressure.

A USA based company iHealthNet made device will be distributed by local company Bioject Medical Technologies. A single device may deliver more than one lakh shots and fifty taka more will be required for this painless injection.

According to WHO, reaction from children on the painless injection is good. It’s not a complex procedure; a six year old child may use it. But it’s suitable for hospitals and clinics where many patients go for injection. It is not suitable for personal use considering the price.

Diabetic patients and other patients who regularly take injections may be relieved from everyday pain by using this painless technology.

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