PM Hasina launches local currency card TakaPay

PM Hasina launches local currency card TakaPay

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“Takapay” will initially provide the same service nationally through the use of National Payment Switch Bangladesh (NPSB), an electronic payment platform operated by BB.

Once foreign banks and institutions partner with this platform, it can be used abroad as well.

Initially, the card will be launched by the central bank for internal use, and later the Taka-Rupee card will be launched. Customers can transact in India through the card.

Other banks will also soon gradually follow the process of Sonali Bank, Citi Bank and Brack Bank.

BB officials said that from the beginning this card can be used at all ATMs, Point of Sale (POS) and online platforms in the country.

Initially it will be used as a debit card but in the future “Takapay” credit card will also come. Advanced security system has been used in TakaPay card.

Officials said initially the banks will introduce Taka Paycard on a pilot basis and the card has been developed by French consulting firm “Fime”.

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