Rokeya Prachi requests not to report on their personal matter

dn-Rokeya-PrachiCelebrity couple Asif Nazrul and Rokeya Prachi is living singly for last few months. It is reported that they are divorced.

Asif Nazrul was Prachi’s second husband. Her first husband sergeant Ahad was killed by some criminals while performing duty.

Rokeya Prachi is a popular actress, started her career in early 90s. She received national film award for her performance. She is also a familiar face on theater and television.

On the other hand Dr. Asif Nazrul is a professor of law at Dhaka University. He was a journalist in his early life. His column on newspaper is so popular; his brave and neutral analysis in TV talk shows has made him a celebrity.

Different media and many people using social networking sites and blog sites have been trying to relate this with other things.

Now Rokeya Prachi requests the media not to report more on their personal matter. She says, she is so depressed and she hopes media will end this matter.

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