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Sari may cause cancer

Sari is a traditional south Asian dress worn by many women, especially Bengali women. Many sari supporters say Bengali women should only wear sari because it’s our culture. Only sari was worn by Bengali women, they did not wear other modern days supporting dresses like petticoat and blouse. Many has criticized sari, they said sari kept the Bengali women in a half naked state.

Some educated women modified sari wearing style in nineteenth century. They modified western blouse and petticoat and started wearing these with sari. Now the south Asian style blouse and petticoat is only worn with sari.

Now some researchers of India are saying that this sari may cause cancer. According to an article published in a medical journal, women tend to tie their petticoat knot very tightly on their waist. If they tie this in same place day after day it may result pigmentation and irritation on the waist. Eventually that may lead to cancer.

But there is no risk for pants. Because pressure exerted by pants and belts are spread over. Doctors are advising women not to tie tightly or use a wide string.

Indian doctors have already treated three women with waist cancer, which they are calling sari cancer. This type of cancer can be treated easily if it is detected early.

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