Shocking death of an elderly woman.

Sahela Begum (60) of Chatkhil, Noakhali was coming to Dhaka at her daughter’s residence for treatment. It was about 11.00 pm when the train Upakul Express was leaving Airport station for Kamlapur station.

She was sitting next to the door and a purse was hung around her neck which lured snatchers, they started running with the train when it was gaining speed and they pulled the purse which caused her to fell from the train. The train was not stopped before Kamlapur station.

Her 20 year old son Shahadat and 70 year old husband rushed back there but failed to find her. Later her dead body was recovered from Kawla and sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital morgue for autopsy by the rail police.  A case of unnatural death is filed.

She was mother of two sons and four daughters,  frequently traveled Dhaka for her treatment.

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