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Shrimp tillage deals vital blow to South

Ahammad Ali Gazi sighed as he surveyed his salt-covered land which once constructed rice.

“This is a land where my family grew rice for years,” pronounced Gazi, a 60-year-old rancher during Gabura in Satkhira district tighten to Bay of Bengal. “Today, there is zero yet salt. Nothing else grows here,” murmured Gazi, wiping persperate from his sun-burnt face.

The rancher has customarily himself to blame.

Nearly 3 decades ago, Gazi, similar to most farmers in his area, give up rice tillage to opt for shrimp civilised universe which warranted them some-more money.

Money Gazi has earned. His earning from a commercial operation a single after an additional until storm Aila strike a southwestern partial of a nation upon May 25, 2009.

The finish segment was cleared away. All a shrimp enclosures were gone.

For about a single as well as a half years, a area remained underneath salty H2O until a breaches Aila had combined were remade towards a finish of final year.

The salty H2O has receded after a correct yet Gazi is dumbfounded to find which years of shrimp civilised universe has brought salty H2O as well as salt to his 3 acres of land creation it non-professional for any crop. He wonders how most years it competence take for a land to redeem from a damage, as well as recover a dirt flood to grow crops similar to rice.

Lured by short-term gains, farmers similar to Gazi, who mulls commencement with shrimp commercial operation once again, ignored a long-term waste from shrimp farming: repairs to land fertility, celebration water, as well as environment.

But Gazi as well as others similar to him won’t be means to resume a commercial operation simply with most of a farmers waging insurgency opposite resumption of such a harmful occupation, which double a stroke of a storm upon their lives.

Salinity, caused by flourishing shrimp civilised universe over a final 3 as well as a half decades, shop-worn a dirt flood of some-more than a single million hectares of coastal cultivatable land which could furnish 2.5 million tonnes of rice, sufficient to encounter a country’s annual food deficit, according to a government’s Soil Resources Development Institute.

A ultimate SRDI investigate says about 3 buliding of a land cannot grow rice due to tall salt calm in a country’s coastal districts, generally in Khulna, Satkhira as well as Bagerhat.

“Shrimp civilised universe has low propinquity with a augmenting salinity,” pronounced ecology as well as biodiversity researcher Pavel Partha.

“Salt H2O staying in shrimp enclosing for prolonged time causes light salt sedimentation in a land, which destroys elemental component of a soil, as well as to illustrate a simple composition,” he added.

Almost a half of a sum salty influenced land falls in a 3 southwestern districts of Satkhira, Khulna as well as Bagerhat. Shrimp civilised universe has taken some-more than 77 percent of a region’s rural land.

“We have been not meddlesome in shrimp civilised universe anymore. We used to furnish twelve to fifteen maunds of rice per bigha prior to a commercial operation came. Now it has come down to reduction than 2 maunds,” pronounced Ganesh Chandra Mandal, a rancher of Bonloudub in Khulna.

Unlike Gazi, Ganesh was constrained to get in to shrimp civilised universe in his small square of cultivatable land as rice prolongation declined due to salty H2O in circuitously shrimp beds.

Ganesh still considers him propitious to be means to stay in his village. He had a small square of land to begin shrimp cultivation. But most landless farmers who worked as plantation workers had to leave their villages in poke of jobs in alternative tools of a country.

“Shrimp civilised universe has additionally strike a landless people hard,” pronounced Ganesh.

As he talked to this correspondent, Ganesh forked to a circuitously area where 3 canals gave approach to a dam which used to haven salty H2O for shrimp cultivation.

Shrimp civilised universe is additionally blamed for causing salinity in groundwater, as well as curse of trees.

Villagers need to ride miles to pick up uninformed water.

“It takes 4 hours to move water. We leave in a afternoon as well as lapse with H2O late in a evening, as you have to ride up to a limit of a subsequent kinship for water,” Ganesh’s mother said.

The H2O predicament has turn strident in 80 percent of a 3 southwestern districts where even low blood vessel wells siphon out salty water, as well as sleet H2O turns salty once it falls upon a salt-affected ground.

Increased salinity additionally has influenced birthplace vegetation. Pasture land is disintegrating inspiring a stock in a area.

“It is over disbelief which zero yet shrimp commercial operation is a categorical means during a back of a augmenting salinity as well as repairs of a sourroundings in a coastal area. But you cannot regularly discuss it a truth, generally when it earns unfamiliar currencies,” pronounced an SRDI tip central when asked because a institute’s investigate does not concentration upon a means of a problem.


Shrimp civilised universe initial began in Munsiganj of Satkhira in 1972, outward a Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) embankment, which was built in a 1960s along a seashore to save land from salty water.

International marketplace as well as short-term benefits brought successful people in to a business. There have been allegations which these people forced bad farmers to give their land for shrimp cultivation. Big land owners additionally assimilated hands with a businessmen, as they were not concerned in cultivating their lands.

Gradually a civilised universe rolled inside a dike as well as engulfed villages after villages as well as afterwards districts, creation thousands of farmers jobless. Shrimp civilised universe reached Khulna as well as Bagerhat around 1980.

A investigate found which by 1990 a insurance dike was breached during 1,100 places for shrimp cultivation, creation a segment exposed to healthy disasters. As a coastal land was mono-crop, where customarily rice could be artistic during stormy season, shortly shrimp commercial operation became a round-the-year activity.

Researchers found finish disappearance of multiform nautical plants, weeds, as well as internal fish class given a begin of shrimp cultivation.

Salinity is carrying a fee upon a region’s environment.

Gazi has customarily 4 failing coconut trees right divided in his homestead, down from 276 trees of twenty varieties of fruits in a grassed area surrounding his house.

This fast tumble in greenery occurred all over a 2,700 hectares of Gabura branch a finish area of land dull with hundreds of thousands of cracks upon a ground.

A investigate by Bangladesh Environment Lawyers Association (Bela) found shrimp civilised universe shut off 105 canals in a coastal area. Only in Shahebed Abad in Khulna 64 ponds were broken by shrimp cultivation.

Nowadays a shrimp commercial operation itself has turn reduction essential due to strange as well as rash operate of pesticides as well as fertilizer in a enclosures.

A undone Gazi said, “There is no approach you can reconstruct what I’ve lost. It takes caring as well as adore of an finish hold up to have such a home.”


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