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The British prime minister’s family in the future rusanara!

Tisa mainstream politics in Britain’s first and only Bangladeshi origin rusanara alike as the future prime minister of Britain as the most influential political ujjbalatama dabidara New Statesman magazine. Magazine in Britain as the most potential future prime minister last week that it has published the names of the 0’s Video adhyasita b – bethanala green space area, a top MP Ali rusanara. The MP said that Bangladesh rusanara pratidinake his response, this recognition of my Electoral Area B – bethanalagrina moldy achieved.

“Parliament of the rising star of” Heading Home Video List reported anurdha 40 people in the age group of 0, they are bright political future. Central to many of them taking place in the Cabinet agamite Britain. They even come in the future, the prime minister beriye.

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