The introduction of US visa policy is definitely a pressure

The introduction of US visa policy is definitely a pressure

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At present it is not known on whom the US visa ban has been implemented. America maintains secrecy in this regard. All kinds of lists are surfacing here and there, but none of them can be verified without proper investigation. It is not understood on what basis the Minister of State for External Affairs issued the short list in this regard.

When the US State Department announced its new visa policy, it had said that visa restrictions would be imposed on members of political parties, law enforcement agencies, administration and judiciary who obstruct the election process.

The European Union (EU) has decided not to send any election observation team to monitor the next elections in Bangladesh. This measure cannot be seen in isolation from the measures taken by America. He took this decision on the basis of the report of the pre-election observation team sent by the European Union. I don’t believe the argument that they are not sending observation teams because of budgetary constraints. This is because they feel that the environment is not conducive for fair elections.

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