Walton's International ATS Expo To Be Held In Dhaka On August 10-12

Walton’s International ATS Expo To Be Held In Dhaka On August 10-12

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Along with state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, the country’s largest research and innovation center and several international standard testing laboratories, including NUSDAT-UTS, have been built at the Walton headquarters in Chandra, Ghazipur. The testing laboratory ‘NUSDAT-UTS’ is accredited by the Bangladesh Accreditation Board (BAB). Test certificates for products provided by BAB accredited testing institutions are directly accepted by International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and Asia-Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) member countries. Therefore, the test certificates of the products tested in NUSDAT laboratory are also accepted by the government testing standards organization of various countries around the world. In view of this, domestic and foreign companies can test the quality of their products from NUSDAT-UTS Testing Lab.

At ATS Expo, products will be showcased in 4 categories – Test Solutions, Products, Services and Industrial Materials & Components.

Various test facilities will be demonstrated in the Test Solutions category. Facilities include Cable and Wire Laboratory, Noise Testing Laboratory, LED Laboratory, NASDAT-UTS, Precision Engineering Laboratory, Product Quality Control Laboratory, Walton Science Research Laboratory and Walton Metallurgical Analysis and Research Laboratory.

Under the Services category, manufacturing services such as mold and die, power-press, refrigerator and SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) etc. will be displayed.

Apart from this, the product category will display fridge, TV, AC, fasteners, PCB, home and kitchen appliances, chemicals, masterbatches, molds and dies, IT products, etc.

Refrigerator components, air conditioner components, television components, home appliance components, electrical appliance components, elevator/elevator components, fasteners, mold and die and casting components will be displayed in the Industrial Materials and Components category. These components and materials are used in agriculture, automobile, cement, ceramics, chemicals, cosmetics, digital, electric and electronics, pharmaceuticals, glass, heavy vehicles and air conditioning, IoT, IT, leather, light engineering, plastics, printing and going. Publishing, Textile, Wholesale and trading business etc.

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