Who allowed Benazir to leave the country?

Who allowed Benazir to leave the country?

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Prothom Alo Online reported on May 31 that following an appeal by the ACC, the court has ordered the confiscation of Benazir and her family's assets. But according to sources in law enforcement agencies, Benazir left the country on May 4 before the court could issue the order.

Meanwhile, the ACC has summoned Benazir Ahmed for questioning on June 6 and his wife Zeeshan Mirza and their daughters on June 9. The ACC is investigating whether Benazir Ahmed owns properties in the US, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

Supreme Court lawyer Umar Farooq demanded a ban on Benazir and her family from leaving the country. If Benazir is not in the country, what is the point of banning her from leaving the country? There will be no use calling her to the ACC office for questioning after she leaves. No one believes that she will return from Singapore and testify in the ACC. The ACC has been investigating her for a long time. If the government wanted, it could have banned her from leaving the country long ago.

There is a debate going on in the political arena over the accountability of the former police chief for corruption. The Awami League says that it is the accountability of one person. The government will not take responsibility. On the other hand, the BNP says that the government itself has created these corrupt elements. Therefore, the government should take responsibility. On May 30, journalist Kamal Ahmed wrote in Prothom Alo that only in democracy can a government be embarrassed by corruption at the highest level.

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