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3 die in Khagrachhari fighting for land

Indigenous people as well as Bangalee settlers clashed upon Sunday over a doubtful land murdering 3 as well as injuring twenty others in Ramgarh upazila of Khagrachhari.

The defunct are: Ayub Ali, 30, Sunil Sarkar, 35, as well as Nawab Ali, 70, of Shankhola Para, a Khagrachhari match reported.

Of a injured, 5 were certified to Manikchhari Upazila Health Complex in vicious condition.

Seeing them during a hospital, a settlers of Manikchhari chased a inland people in Manikchhari Bazar area.

They additionally set 10 houses of inland people upon glow during Mahamunitilla encampment in a upazila.

Earlier, a organisation of fifteen to twenty inland people pounded a settlers when they were ploughing a doubtful land during 3:30pm, Md Monjurul, behaving military officer in-charge of Guimara Police Station, told The Daily Star.

Jahir Ahmad, Assistant Superintendent of Police of Ramgarh Circle, certified a incident.

After conference a incident, a organisation of Bangalee people from Bara Pilak Bazar area rushed to a mark as well as pounded a inland villagers withdrawal 3 passed as well as twenty injured.

Around thirty houses of inland people were additionally burnt down in Ramgarh.

Meanwhile, Khagrachhari Deputy Commissioner Anisul Haque Bhuiyan termed a situation as ‘not so significant’.

Additional forces of military have been deployed during a stage to equivocate serve unfavourable incident, a DC added. A crew of armed forces was additionally patrolling a area.

Locals pronounced a Bangalee people have been a genuine owners of a land as they have been regulating a land for a prolonged time.

While contacted over dungeon phone to Cippru Marma, an inland of a area said, a situation took place as settlers longed for to squeeze their lands.

General Secretary of Khagrachhari District Awami League Zahadul Alam visited a mark as well as urged people to say assent as well as uncover apply oneself to laws.

Meanwhile, territory 144 was enforced in Ramgarh as well as Manikchhari following a inciden

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