A Bangladeshi Student detained in New York

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Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis was a student of North South University in Bangladesh. Nafis is only twenty years old and left Bangladesh for higher education, because he thought a degree from a US university will give him a better chance to succeed.

His father is a Banker and used all his savings to send his son to US. Nafis kept close contact to his family from US. Nafis’s father and other family members were stunned to hear that he is arrested by FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Nafis’s father said his son is innocent; he was so timid that he even could not go to roof at night alone. He said it must be a conspiracy and urged the government to take measure to back his son.

It is reported that Nafis is already produced to court and he didn’t deny allegations against him.

The allegation is Nafis tried to blow up New York Federal Reserve building with a one thousand pound bomb. But that was a fake bomb.

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