Shamim Ashraf cyber security case: public interest vs crime  Graphic designer arrested and prosecuted

Abuse Concerns: The Cybersecurity Act and the Threat to Journalism

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A statistic has revealed that in the cases registered under the Digital Security Act, only two percent of the accused have been punished. When it comes to identifying an offense under this Act, the decision of the field level officer will be considered final which has also been retained in the Cyber ​​Security Act.

The statements made by High Court Division Judge Sheikh Hassan Arif at a workshop titled 'Cyber ​​Security Act and Law Reporting' organized by the Law Reporters Forum (LRF) last Monday only reiterated the concerns of journalists.

Addressing media persons attending the workshop, the justice said, “Five sections of the Act (22, 23, 25, 27 and 28) can land you in trouble in any way… In case of defamation under section 29 , you can get.” However do away with the fine. But, some currents can take a very dangerous turn for journalism.”

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