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Bangladesh is backing big three on ICC meeting!

icc_logo_newAn Indian Bangla Daily has reported that Bangladesh cricket board is going to support the controversial proposal submitted by India, Australia and England on the upcoming ICC meeting to be held on 8th February at Singapore.

The controversial proposal says, India, Australia and England will control the International Cricket Council (ICC), there will be two levels among test playing nations, ICC ranking chart will not be applicable for those three countries, they will always enjoy the opportunity to play test matches and others have to qualify according to ranking, there will be no future tour plan (FTP), countries will arrange cricket tours through bilateral discussions, those three countries will be the decision makers of the ICC, and top eight nations will play test cricket, others have to qualify by first class matches.

According to media report, initially BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board) decided to support India but they changed their decision after protest from cricket lovers. Bangladesh protested the proposal along with Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Africa in the last ICC meeting at Dubai. Bangladesh retained their stand even after threat from India which said, it will not participate in the upcoming T-20 world cup and Asia cup.

But now Bangladesh has decided to back ‘big three’ after assurance from them that Bangladesh will be able to continue to play test match.

Some veteran cricketers including Australians criticized the autocratic behavior of the three cricket playing nations; they say it will not help the globalization of cricket. Cricket is not only about money, it’s a sport. Other cricket boards which opposed the proposal in the last meeting are still hoping that they will be able to block the controversial reform even after the betrayal by BCB and there will be at least seven members in the executive committee.

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