Bangladesh warns of cyber attack on August 15

Bangladesh warns of cyber attack on August 15

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The press release states that the hackers identify themselves as ‘hacktivists’ and are targeting Bangladesh and Pakistan. The BGD e-Government CIRT said it has identified several groups of hackers in a recent research that frequently attack the sites of Bangladeshi organisations.

The screenshot provided by BGD e-GOVT CIRT in the press release shows that the hackers have claimed themselves to be Indians.

BGD e-GOVT CIRT lists some of the notable recent cyber attacks targeting Bangladesh. These include a hacker group claiming cyberattacks on payment gateways, law enforcement agencies and the banking sector in Bangladesh on August 1. , On 3 July, a hacker group claimed a Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attack on the Bangladeshi Transport Service, rendering the website unavailable for an hour. Apart from this, on July 3, a hacker group claimed that they had attacked Bangladeshi transport services for 1 hour. On 27 June, a hacker group defaced the website of a government college in Bangladesh and shared a web archive supporting their claims. On June 24, the same was done at the site of an organization in the health sector.

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