Beko Burak presents the transformation journey with Ozcivit

Beko Burak presents the transformation journey with Ozcivit

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Singer Bangladesh Limited, a subsidiary of Arcelik, the flagship company of Turkey's Koç Group, revealed the “Transformation Journey with Burak Ozchivit” at a press conference.

MHM Fairoz, Managing Director and CEO of Singer Bangladesh Limited, Handan Abdurrahmanoglu, Director of South Asia Regional Marketing, Business Transformation and Development at Arcelik, and Turkish superstar Burak Ozcivit, brand ambassador of Singer Bangladesh’s transformation journey, attended the press conference.

Earlier this year, Singer Bangladesh announced a number of changes, including a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, a one-of-a-kind concept store, and a workplace reflecting the company's new vision. The press release said that these changes brought the global expertise and standards of Koch Group and Arcelik to Bangladesh and enhanced the consumer experience, reaffirming Singer Bangladesh's commitment to excellence.

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