BNP has alleged that the government has completely failed to solve the Rohingya crisis.

BNP has alleged that the government has completely failed to solve the Rohingya crisis.

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The keynote address noted that two earlier repatriation attempts had failed. Now, under a new agreement, Bangladesh has taken the initiative to send Rohingyas back to Myanmar under a pilot project. The BNP views this repatriation effort as a ‘trap’. According to the United Nations Human Rights Council, Bangladesh is taking deceptive and coercive measures to deport Rohingyas back to Myanmar against their will.

Abdul Moin Khan, a member of the BNP’s Standing Committee, said the Bangladesh government has completely failed to solve the problem bilaterally and globally. He said that the government has sent a wrong message to the international community by placing the Rohingyas on Bhasanchar. Mismanagement of the government on the Rohingya issue has created chaos. The solution to the Rohingya problem is no longer in Bangladesh’s hands. This has now become a regional and global issue.

Gono Rights Council (Nurul-Rashed) President Nurul Haq said that the big neighboring countries and ASEAN countries are not taking any effective steps regarding the Rohingya issue.

Writer and political analyst Zaheed ur Rahman said, Bangladesh wants to solve the Rohingya problem bilaterally. This has reduced the pressure on Myanmar. Negotiations and settlement are being done exactly as Myanmar wants. Myanmar does not even recognize the Rohingya problem. Countries like India, China and Russia are not in favor of Bangladesh on the Rohingya issue.

The keynote address offered several guidelines on how to resolve the Rohingya crisis. These include increased involvement of the United Nations and the international community in dealing with the crisis, and defining Myanmar’s crimes against the Rohingyas as genocide and crimes against humanity, according to a report by the United Nations’ independent international fact-finding mission.

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